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Infotecs Americas Going to Introduce Its Innovative Security Solutions with InfoSec World Expo 2014

Infotecs Americas Going to Introduce Its Innovative Security Solutions with InfoSec World Expo 2014

Infotecs Americas Inc., the international organization specializing in IT security announced today its participation at the InfoSec World 2014 Conference & Expo, that will take place in Orlando, FL at Disney's Contemporary Resort on April 7-9. The company provides ViPNet VPN software solutions, so attendees of InfoSec World Expo 2014 will be able to find various reports and presentations about information innovation security solutions for the modern enterprise at Infotecs’ booth number 218 in the exhibition hall.

Security and personal privacy is challenged every time we go online in a cafe or access corporate e-mail, so data protection becomes a critical aspect for many modern enterprises today. With innovative ViPNet solutions from Infotecs, any organization can protect sensitive information, either personal or business. ViPNet is a brand for powerful data protection products. ViPNet products are especially designed for easy implementation into a pre-existing IT infrastructure. They do not interfere with common network services (firewalls, DHCP, WINS, DNS, NAT, PAT, VoIP, live video).

ViPNet VPN supports widely distributed network infrastructure with flexible access policies. Even large networks with thousands of hosts and complex user access rights are easy to maintain and manage with the ViPNet VPN management tools. You can build a ViPNet VPN over any appropriate channels, wired, wireless, or satellite. Unique client-to-client VPN technology allows for using VoIP and other solutions with direct data stream between clients.

ViPNet is a new kind of VPN, providing enterprise and small businesses with:

• Convenient security

• Scalable and flexible solutions

• Excellent price-performance

• Strong protection

• Hardware, software and virtual solutions

• Support for heterogeneous networks and mobile devices

Infotecs will participate at the InfoSec World Expo 2014 for the first time and is a silver sponsor of this leading worldwide conference for the security experts.

About InfoSec World

The InfoSec World Expo brings together the latest advances in technology and the most innovative solutions businesses needs to secure their information assets. Specialized workshops and discussion platforms are aimed to provide the professionals and attendees with actual information on IT, Security and management.

About Infotecs Americas

InfoTeCS Americas Inc. specializes in software and hardware VPN solutions for information protection on TCP/IP networks. For more than 20 years ViPNet technology, developed by Infotecs has established itself in the market and has become a standard certified protection of confidential information.

About Infotecs

Infotecs develops and markets complex IT security solutions that make working at companies more flexible, easier and, above all, more secure than ever before. Since its foundation in 1991 by three renowned cryptographers, the company has evolved into an experienced provider of high-security software. Infotecs’ pioneering ViPNet technology set a milestone in the history of virtual private networks, long before IPsec was established as classical VPN protocol. In the past five years alone, well over 500,000 network hosts have been securely connected with the help of solutions from the high security provider, allowing the company to gain valuable experience and recognize real-life needs. Infotecs leverages the resulting expertise to make constant improvements to its software and adapt it to meet user demands.

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