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Mac message broadcasting tool takes innovative approach towards communication channel

Mac message broadcasting tool takes innovative approach towards communication channel

“Send texts anywhere, anytime without internet connection”

While you are most keen to communicate with your loved ones at anytime and don’t have broadband facility to chat with them. Don’t be upset! Get triumph over it-

The innovative guide for communication: DRPU software organizations took technical approach towards it and released Mac message broadcasting tool. This program is trying to solve communication problems via sms sending.

“After long dedication DRPU launched this tool to resolve people’s communication problems with their dear people of they have not broadband connectivity.

In context of message broadcasting tool of Mac furnishes option for users to connect your Mac installed OS X based machine from Android and GSM phone and broadcast unlimited text messages at any location in world within less efforts required. This tool enables you to deliver group text messages on several contacts within single mouse click.

“Most of people don’t have an idea about how to send their personalized messages to your partners and friends from at national or international level. In spite of suffering from this problem you are needed to install this types of program launched by DRPU Software organization, the well established IT company.

Mac Message broadcasting tool for professional features

1: Dispatches multiple text sms to single or group of contacts in one time.

2: No broadband connectivity is required to deliver sms on phones.

3: This tool facilitates exclusion list wizard option to exclude unwanted contacts from message sending list.

4: Broadcast text on mobiles by using Unicode characters.

Pricing and availability

Mac Message broadcasting tool -professional is available at the price of $69. It is more preferential if you have shareware license. A 30-day free trial is available for users to experience its functionalities. This tool is compatible with Macintosh installed machines.

About company

DRPU software is most leading IT Company that develops bulk sms, barcode, recovery, key logger and various types of other software. Its main intention to develop user friendly products and services. If you have any questions about Professional Mac Message broadcasting tool -professional you can contact anytime on following details-

Company Name: DRPU Software Pvt. Ltd.

Ньюсмейкер: DRPU Software Pvt. Ltd,
Сайт: www.sendgroupsms.com
E-mail: mediainfo@sendgroupsms.com
Моб. тел.: 9868337762

Mac message broadcasting tool takes innovative approach towards communication channel

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